Although Four Legs Good! is primarily for dog owners, we also provide services for owners of cats and other animals.

 BeatriceOur Small animal specialist Beth Bailey can provide licenced, insured professional cat sitting – either staying in your home, or just visits and cuddles once or twice a day. Our cat services are of the same high quality that we provide to dog owners, so you know that your pet will be safe and happy.

We'll meet with you, and your pet, so that we can be sure to understand your specific needs. Every cat is different, and requires attention that is “just right.”

 While you're away we can help with:

  • feeding and water changes
  • litter box cleanup
  • medication
  • scritches and cuddles as required – or not, if your cat is “standoffish.”
  • brushing or combing if needed
  • vet and groomer pickup or drop off
  • first-aid if needed, and prompt delivery to your vet in an emergency

While we're at your home we're happy to make sure everything is secure and safe, and will:

  • bring in mail and newspapers
  • adjusting lights and window coverings
  • plant and garden care
  • making sure that your home is locked up tight, and alarms set.

If your menagerie includes more than just cats we can also care for your other small animals, rodents, fish, or reptiles. We've never met a pet that we don't like, and will ensure that they're all happy while you're away.

Our rates for our regular 20 minute visits are:

$30 for one visit per day

$50 for two visits per day.

If your pet requires full time in-home care – pet-sitting – please Contact Us for rates.

And if you have more than one pet you'll receive a discount on multiple animals.