At Four Legs Good! we have given a lot of though to the vehicles that we use to transport our client's dogs.

We've selected late model mid-sized pick-up trucks based on the Ford Ranger platform.

The advantage of a truck and canopy is important: at the end of the day we can easily wash out the back of the truck, cleaning out the dirt, hair, and other debris that collects there.

You can be secure in knowing that your dog travels in a clean and sanitary vehicle.

We outfit the truck with rubber matting of the type used in commercial kitchens. This ensures safe and solid footing for your dog, but it also allows dirt and mud the fall through the mat to the floor below.  This keeps your dog cleaner, and makes the post-walk towel down easier.

Unlike a panel van, our trucks have large, sunny windows - dogs love to watch the world go by as they travel.  Special reinforced screening on the rear sliders allows us to get maximum ventilation for maximum comfort.  We make sure to keep our dogs as cool as possible in the summer, and warm in the winter.