Ann Jackson Dog Training - Our philosophy is to motivate the dog into wanting to learn by using positive methodology rather than employing punitive techniques. We continue to maintain our education by attending annual conferences and courses. Creating a fun, safe, and relaxed atmosphere helps the dog and the family be more receptive to learning. Our goal is to encourage the formation of an owner-dog team. It is imperative to find the learning style that fits your family and the dog. Our aim is to provide the family with enough knowledge and experience training to ensure that the dog fits in with the family's lifestyle. The family is number one.

Dogsafe Canine First Aid - DOGSAFE® Canine First Aid is committed to maximizing canine first aid and safety awareness to everyone involved with dogs. Michelle Sevigny, a former Vancouver police officer, is the Founder and Head Instructor of DOGSAFE® Canine First Aid and author of DOGSAFE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know in an Emergency.

Custom Canine - Kathy and Gary Gibson have spent over 20 years developing natural teaching techniques that are so successful behaviorists/trainers, veterinarians, governments/municipalities and animal specialists have come to them to learn their unique systems.They have helped thousands of people to understand how their dog can learn to act in an appropriate manner in all situations: a good host, a good guest, a reliable companion. Custom Canine can take you and your dog on a journey of discovery that will be both challenging and fun! Kathy and Gary understand that the path to your goals will be filled with questions. Their objective is to help you both be successful. Watching a healthy relationship unfold by helping you and your dog learn to work together as a team, as companions That is the aim of Custom Canine.

In The Raw Food For Dogs and Cats- Was founded September 2000, and was created by people who cherish their four legged friends. "We have witnessed first hand the improvements in health and vitality that the raw food diet can produce. Our goal is to provide today's discriminating pet owner the awareness and education to make informed decisions about their companion animals nutritional health and wellness."