At Four Legs Good! the client comes first.

We are proud of our reputation for outstanding professional service for all two-legged and four-legged clients, and work hard to maintain it.

We walk big dogs, little dogs, puppies, seniors and everything in between. We offer a variety of walks and hikes, on and off leash, for small groups or individual dogs.

Dogs have a lot to tell us, if we just have the patience, skill and clarity to read what they say and communicate our expectations clearly in return. They repay us with trust, confidence and co-operation for happy and safe adventures on the trails. Once the dogs learn they can trust their human leader to make the right and final decisions for their security and comfort, they follow our lead and willingly comply with our requests.

All dogs benefit from regular exercise, but running with the same group of doggy pals under the focused, calm supervision of a single human is the best present you will ever give your four-legged friend. The socialization skills learned from other dogs will result in good dog manners and a confident demeanour, giving you peace of mind in any off-leash park.

Puppies will be introduced to a group of sensible older dogs, and learn good habits both by imitating behaviour and through appropriate mentoring from the adult dogs.

Because we offer three different kinds of walks at the same price, we can choose the right type of walk for your dogs, and place them in a group that will best suit their needs. What’s best for the dog is best for us, and the well-being of the dog will always take priority over filling up our walks schedule.

You can expect a courteous, consistent, reliable service from us, with lots of support for you and your dog, questions answered to the best of our ability, and advice and referrals given if requested. Your dog will be picked up, walked, returned home cleaned and toweled, and a note will be left after every walk to let you know where we went, who your dog played with, and what he did on the walk.We also offer in-home Boarding, primarily for regular walking clients. Your dog and our dogs Joseph and Ursula will already be hiking buddies, and any canine guest is treated like one of the family, with at least a one-hour off-leash walk every day.

 About Susan Evans

I immigrated to Canada from my native England in 1981, and have been a resident of the North Shore since 1987, raising two boys and several dogs to love our mountain trails

I have been licensed, bonded and insured to walk groups of dogs on t he trails and in the parks of North and West Vancouver since 2007.

Since 2007, I have continued my training independently, successfully completing certification courses in canine first aid, professional dog handling and traditional obedience classes. Most importantly, I have had the opportunity to apply this knowledge over four years’ experience of walking and boarding many different dog types, and have developed a broad spectrum of dog-managements skills. However, I firmly believe that in any profession, the learning process should never end.

About Barry Rueger

Barry comes to dog-walking after three decades of work in the non-profit sector. He applies his knowledge and skills in working with diverse communities to his work with your pets, understanding each dog’s needs and loves, and tailoring a relationship that makes everyone happy and satisfied.

Barry’s training includes DOGSAFE® Canine First Aid , and Professional Canine Course Level 3 training with Custom Canine.

Barry is often accompanied by his ten-year old Lab/Mystery cross, Ursula. Ursula is a true Kentucky girl, with a great love for biscuits and gravy.

Certifications and Memberships